Shannon and Regan were married on Saturday the 3rd of September 2016 in the beautiful Harold Boas Gardens! Preparations for their special day began with Shannon in their family home. Her bridesmaids and got their hair and makeup done while surrounded by Shannons family members who included her adorable little  Her adorable little daughter who was being left until the last moment to get dressed so as to not dirty her beautiful dress! Long story short, somehow she still managed to disappear after getting dressed and was discovered having tipped the dog biscuits into the dogs water, and then the entire thing over herself while in her dress! Thankfully it dried quickly and didn’t leave a stain! :)

All of the little details that went into the preparation really paid off, from Shannon’s wedding car having a cute little teddy bear strapped to the front of it, the shoes, jewellery, hair and makeup, and her dress was absolutely stunning! With her bridesmaids in beautiful purple dresses it was finally time to make our way to the wedding venue, Harold Baos Gardens. When I had met Shannon and Regan here for their prewedding meeting they had spoken about just how much they loved the greenery and the natural setting even though it’s nestled right in amongst the city. Their favorite bits of the park were the waterfall and a beautiful big tree, which Shannon really wanted to climb and get a photo in on their wedding day!

After a lovely ceremony surrounded by their nearest and dearest, it was off to the bridal party photos and they were some of the funnest photos I’ve ever done! Not only did Shannon get to climb the tree she had fallen in love with, but the entire bridal party joined her! Other photos included picking the bride and groom up, and Shannon had written “save me” on the soles of her shoes for a Pinterest inspired photograph!

After bridal party photos around the gardens, we all travelled out to the reception venue, the family home in Swan View. And WOW! what a stunning view of Perth! With the setting sun casting it’s last light out over the beautifully prepared reception area, from blankets that were handmade by a family member, through to the custom made TARDIS next to their galaxy themed cupcakes – it was all absolutely wonderful!

Wishing you all the very best, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your beautiful day! <3

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Venue: Harold Boas Gardens