I first met with Mary and Gannon at Dome in Bassendean to discuss their plans for their wedding. Such a lovely and genuine couple, they were very excited to be having their ceremony in New Norcia. A lovely little place 132km North of Perth. Gannon had a lot of history in New Norcia, having attended there as a child! They told me that to get married there you needed to have a special connection as the town likes to keep an authentic and community spirit.

Finally after our meeting their special day was here! I arrived in New Norcia before the ceremony to meet with Gannon at the St Ildephonsus College so that I could photograph himself, his guests and the stunning chapel where their ceremony would be taking place! Filled with ornate paintings, carvings, a hand made ceiling and beautiful stained glass windows everywhere it had a very regal and a very holy aura attached to it. Gradually as the guests arrived and filled up the pews, you could see the excitement growing amongst Gannon and his friends and family. Not too long after, Mary arrived looking absolutely radiant. With her brother walking her down the aisle, she approached her fiance and the priest who would be conducting their ceremony.

Mary and Gannon’s beautiful ceremony lasted around 1 hour, and was filled with heartfelt and emotional readings from friends and family members, and songs by a wonderful gospel singer, as well as communion for the bridal party and all of their guests.

After their ceremony had concluded, we all ventured out the front of the stunning chapel for congratulations, a group photo, and the throwing of a lot of rice! Following this, we made our way down to the Monastery and the Abbey Church for their bridal images, which both held personal meaning to them. With the rain looming, we arrived back at the New Norcia Hotel where their reception was being held and were greeted again by their guests, where we got another group photo in front of this wonderfully old building.

This then lead to the serving of a delicious entree, the beautiful speeches by family and friends, and a wonderful main and dessert. Thank you both for not only allowing me to capture your special day, but for inviting me with open arms to share in your wedding meal with you. I wish you both the absolute best in your new lives together! <3

Known Suppliers
Location: New Norcia, Western Australia
Venue: St Ildephonsus College
Reception and catering: New Norcia Hotel